Requirements For The TOEFL Test Day

Preparing for the TOEFL exam can be easy, find out why.  However, you need to be fully aware of the assessment format, study techniques, and many other preparation steps. However, one thing that you should not miss is the details about the assessment day. There are things that you need to do and bring during the exam day.

There are two things that you need to bring, and one is your booking number. This refers to your registration confirmation. You can view it by logging into your online account, entering your username and password, and clicking on the view order on the homepage. You may have the confirmation emailed or printed. Another requirement is an acceptable or valid identification document. When you report to the test centre, it is imperative that you bring along two forms of ID.

There are requirements for the identification document to be valid, and one is that it must be an original document. You need to remember that photocopied and expired documents are not valid. Make sure that you use the same full name as the one you used to register. Also secure a recent photograph and your signature. You will not be permitted to take the assessment without the requirements, and the payment you paid will simply be refunded.

In addition to providing the requirements, you also need to remember a few things. Thought the administration of the assessment, you may be asked to present your ID or sign a test center log. If the ID you present is questioned, you may need to provide a supplemental ID. If the ID you provide is not confirmed, you may not be allowed to take the assessment or your scores may be on hold or cancelled. Keep in mind that before your admission to the center based on the ID document you present, you should not assume that the ID is already deemed acceptable. They are also not required to reserve your seat just to give you time to get an acceptable identification.


During the assessment day, it is also imperative that you are aware of the fact that when you are admitted, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your ID document is automatically valid or that your scores will be validated. Questionable IDs are subject to the ETS Office of Testing Integrity’s review and approval during or after the assessment. The ETS also has the legitimate right to hold or cancel your marks in the event that the requirements for your ID document are not met. You should also remember that you won’t get a refund in cases like you have been permitted to take the assessment and you presented an unacceptable or invalid ID.

There are four sections, namely the reading, listening, speaking and writing sections, which you need to complete in about 4 hours. Remember all these things during the preparation process. Regardless of how hard and long you prepare for the assessment, if you do not provide the requirements, it can ruin everything.

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Piano Lessons Studio Mistakes You Should Never Make

In running a piano lessons studio, there are helpful hints that you need to take and things to avoid to become successful. You need to make sure that you market your business well and create an effective business plan that allows you to gradually achieve your goals. There are also several mistakes that you should avoid doing to run your studio well. It is definitely alright to commit mistakes because if you don’t, you will have difficulties learning some important lessons in running your studio. However, there are also mistakes that you need to avoid to keep your studio in shape at all times.

As a music tutor, one mistake to avoid is not to provide your clients with a study policy. In providing a policy, you will be able to set the expectations of your students such as the required fees, the number of practice sessions, or what your expectations are with regard to their attendance. A policy can cover many essential topics that can save you from income loss in the future.

Another thing that you need to avoid is to have poor financial records. You should not overlook the importance of keeping good financial records as it allows you to keep track of your expenses and income. You will keep track of the payments made by your clients and those who haven’t made any. Having a financial record allows you to clearly see the money that goes in and out of your music school. Not returning phone calls is also another mistake that you should avoid doing. To return phone calls will show your clients how courteous and professional you are. If you don’t return calls, you will be at risk of losing prospective clients.

Many music teachers also make the mistake of not having a referral policy. You should avoid doing this and instead reward those with referrals. You can provide rewards or incentives such as free lesson, gift cards, access to musical resources, or erasers.

piano lessons

There are many other things that you need to avoid to run your studio well, and it includes what you do during the class such as talking too or playing too much. Music lessons and your wisdom are some of the many things that you should give to the learners. However, you shouldn’t give them all at once as it may mentally shut them down. Instead, discuss only the things that need to be spoken at the moment and avoiding providing them more information than they need. It is also important that you avoid playing too much and simply allow them to figure out things before you give them demonstrations.

Other mistakes are not teaching students how to practice, not giving them enough preparation time, charging too little, not teaching at their pace or skill level, and putting down other teachers. When you understand the repercussions and avoid all of these mistakes, there will be lesser ones to avoid and you’ll eventually master the art of providing a piano course and running your business.

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